The last time I visited London, the fastest way around was via the motorways and the railways. Is it still safe to trust a London black cab to get your from the airport to your hotel? Or, is Uber the best way to do this?

I understand that there are also trams that go to and from certain areas of London. What if I want to use a bicycle? Some cities now have free or low-cost bike rentals and I was wondering if that is an option in London.

The railways may not be the most convenient manner of transportation but they are the best way to see all of England if you want to. Get on at Paddington in London and cruise up the whole countryside and back. Of course, Eurostar is the greatest way to go from London all the way to France.

There is a new trend coming up of using a party bus. We just had a friend over that works for a Minneapolis party bus company. He said business has been booming for them, and I’m eager to see if it takes hold in England. Obviously, it’s not a method of daily transportation, but it definitely adds to the mix.

But, for my next jaunt to London and much of the rest of the country of England, I want to take different types of transportation. The types of transportation should be varied so that the experience seeing as much of the area as possible is enhanced. There are so many things to see in England.